FAQs About Childhood Immunizations

Information is more accessible than ever, but it can have the downside of becoming overwhelming, especially when it comes to vaccines. While some of the most often asked questions about immunizations are covered below, to learn more about them you can turn to the professionals already entrusted with your child's health, your Gilbert, AZ, pediatricians, Dr. Katherine Krieg and Dr. Sharon Novy, of Children's Oasis Pediatrics.

Isn't a Child's Immune System Enough to Protect Them?

The body's immune system provides protection against pathogens that can potentially cause serious complications. It is typically an efficient system but there are times when it can be overwhelmed, especially by pathogens with which it is unfamiliar, that's where immunizations can help.

What's the Role of Immunizations?

The types of pathogens that the body is most likely to have difficulty against are those that it can't recognize. Vaccines, in simplest terms, teach the immune system about pathogens so that it may safely confront them if the host ever comes into contact with the real thing.

What Are the Benefits of Immunizations?

Everyone can agree that getting a shot is not something children ever look forward to, but they have the potential to prevent a lot of complications if your child is exposed to certain diseases.

Vaccines not only help protect your child but they have helped to nearly eradicate diseases that were once so commonplace and dangerous.

What's an Immunization Schedule?

Beginning when they are a baby until they become young adults, it's recommended that children follow an immunization schedule to maximize the protection that vaccines can provide. The full schedule is available online at the CDC website, but you can always simply visit your child's pediatrician for regular examinations, they can provide not only their vaccines on time but these visits are also important for your child's overall health.

Immunizations in Gilbert, AZ

Get your child caught up on their immunizations, schedule a visit today with Dr. Krieg and Dr. Novy of Children's Oasis Pediatrics in Gilbert, AZ, by dialing (480) 792-1012.

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