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Ear Piercing In Gilbert AZ - Age 3 years and up and require proof of up-to-date vaccines - $80 Cash/CC

You could take your child to the mall to have their ears pierced but how do you know that it’s safe? Unfortunately, in a lot of these places you don’t. Many of these places are unsanitary, which can lead to some pretty nasty earlobe infections. With our medical ear piercing system, you know that you’ll experience a safe and infection-free procedure.

We only pierce age 3 years and up and we require proof of vaccines. It is recommended that a child wait until they are about 4 months old before getting their ears pierced. Why? Because we will want to make sure that your child has had her first two tetanus shots. While many people may want to get piercings for their baby or infant, it’s also not a bad idea to wait until your child actually wants their ears pierced and can take care of their own ears and piercing.

It’s also important to consider your child’s activity level before deciding whether they should get pierced ears or not. Children who play contact sports and wear earrings, will need to remove them regularly for the first couple months, shouldn’t get their ears pierced, as holes can close up during this time. It’s also best to stay away from dangling earrings for about 6 months after your child has gotten their ears pierced, as long earrings can put too much pressure on the new hole and stretch it out.

When it comes to caring for your child’s new piercing, you should always wash your hands before handling their ears or their earring. It’s also important that you educate your little one on how to properly wash their hands before handling their earrings. You wouldn’t believe how common it is for school-aged children to get infections because they were playing with their earrings throughout the day without washing their hands.

When it comes to cleaning the earlobe, use either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the back and front of the lobe twice a day for the first month after getting their ears pierced. Then you only need to wash their ears at night for the following months.

While we offer a safe, reliable environment with the very best pediatricians and medical staff available to pierce your child’s ears, if you do start to notice issues like redness, tenderness or pus near the piercing site, you will want to see us right away. 

We want your little one to enjoy their new earrings and not have to deal with the stress of a possible infection. If you would like to get your little one’s ears pierced then what better place to do it then from the safety of a pediatrician’s office? Call Children's Oasis Pediatrics In Gilbert AZ today at (480)-792-1012 to book an appointment.

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