The Importance of Child Immunizations

Childhood immunizations help safeguard children’s health and wellness by preventing kids from contracting certain types of serious illnesses and diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. Dr. Katherine Krieg and Dr. Sharon Novy, the experienced and caring pediatricians at Children's Oasis Pediatrics in Gilbert, AZ, offer immunizations according to the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).


The immunity provided by vaccines keeps kids safe from numerous diseases. Vaccines protect children by equipping the immune system to develop resistance and immunity against many serious diseases and infections. In the past, polio, smallpox, and other diseases have caused severe health problems on a large scale. Today, the development of vaccines ensures these serious diseases no longer pose a significant threat to kids.

When someone is exposed to a virus or infectious bacteria for the first time, the immune system responds by producing antibodies to fight the infection. The antibodies often remain in the body even after the infection has passed. If the individual is exposed to that same illness or infection again, the presence of the antibodies that were already produced by the body can help reduce the severity of the illness and its symptoms.

Vaccinations help children develop immunization against certain illnesses and diseases by prompting the body to produce antibodies. Vaccines contain inoculated forms of the bacteria or viruses associated with certain diseases. These inoculated forms are not active so children will not get sick. However, the immune system still responds to the presence of these viruses or bacteria by producing antibodies that protect children by providing immunity.

Immunization Schedules

Some vaccines only require a single dose, while others are administered in multiple doses at different ages from birth through age 18 years. At our pediatric office in Gilbert, AZ, we follow the immunization schedules developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and recommended by the AAP.

The schedules indicate how many doses of a particular vaccine are needed and at what ages each dose should be administered. An additional schedule is also available to help kids catch up who have fallen behind the recommended schedule or who started vaccinations at a later age than usual.

Childhood vaccines have undergone many years of rigorous scientific and medical testing to ensure their safety and efficacy. Our knowledgeable and experienced pediatric team can help your children stay up to date with all the recommended immunizations.

Vaccines and the immunization they provide help kids avoid many serious illnesses and diseases. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Krieg or Dr. Novy to learn more about childhood immunizations by calling Children's Oasis Pediatrics in Gilbert, AZ, at (480) 792-1012.

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