Children's Ear Piercing: FAQs

If your child decides that they want their ears pierced, it's important that you're taking them somewhere that you can trust is clean and safe. You want to take every step possible to avoid infection and make sure the entire process is as sanitary as possible. Luckily, you're able to take your child to their pediatrician's office for a safe ear-piercing procedure. Dr. Sharon Novy at Children's Oasis Pediatrics in Gilbert, AZ, can answer some frequently asked questions about ear piercing at your doctor's office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Piercing

Q. At What Age Can My Child Get Their Ears Pierced?

A. Your pediatrician in Gilbert, AZ, recommends that you wait until your child is 3 years old for ear piercing. The reason for this is that young toddlers often play with their ears and if they pull out an earring and swallow it, the sharp point can damage the inner lining of the stomach or intestine.

Q. How Do You Clean an Ear Piercing?

A. When it's time to clean your child's piercing, you should first be sure to wash your hands and your child's hands if they'll be touching their ears as well. You can use hydrogen peroxide on the front and back of the lobe 3-4 times a day for 6-8 weeks. For the first week, it is important to keep the ears as dry as possible so swimming is not recommended.

Q. How Can My Doctor Ensure the Process Is Sanitary?

A. Since the piercing will be done in-office, you can trust that the area is clean and sanitized. Your doctor also has a standard to uphold and you can watch them go through the process with sterile materials. We put a topical numbing cream on the ear lobes before we pierce to help decrease the discomfort of the procedure.

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