Benefits of Pediatrician Ear Piercing

Did you know you can have your child’s ears pierced by a pediatrician? Many parents take their kids to a retail jewelry shop for ear piercing, but there are several advantages to going to a pediatrician instead. Dr. Sharon Novy, the board-certified doctor at Children's Oasis Pediatrics in Gilbert, AZ, offer pediatrician ear piercing for children three years of age and older. 

Children’s Ear Piercing

While kids might be excited about getting their ears pierced, there are a few risks parents and caregivers should know about. One of the primary risks is developing an infection at the piercing site. Parents and caregivers can reduce the risk of infection by helping kids keep the ears clean and healthy. Ensuring children are up to date with their vaccinations prior to having the ears pierced is also important.

Two other potential risks associated with ear piercing include tearing and allergic reactions. Children can be especially vulnerable to tearing an ear lobe if an earring catches on something while they are getting dressed, playing, or performing other activities. It is best to limit kids to wearing small stud earrings that are less likely to get caught on something.

Many individuals are allergic to different types of metals. Nickel is a common metal allergy. Unfortunately, many earrings contain small amounts of nickel or other metals that can produce an allergic reaction in the skin. 

Benefits of Pediatrician Ear Piercing 

There are numerous benefits to choosing pediatrician ear piercing at our Gilbert, AZ, pediatric office. The risks associated with piercing children’s ears are greatly reduced when a doctor performs the piercing versus a retail jewelry shop. Some of the main benefits and advantages of pediatrician ear piercing include:

  • Piercings are performed in a safe and sanitized environment 
  • Piercings are performed by a medical professional who knows your child and his or her medical history
  • Medical grade equipment is used, which reduces the risk of infection after piercing 
  • We do put a topical numbing cream on the ear lobes before we pierce to help decrease the discomfort of the procedure. 
  • The risk of allergic reaction is reduced since high quality metals and materials are used, such as surgical steel or titanium
  • Comprehensive aftercare instructions are provided to further reduce the risk of infection, tearing, or other complications 

If your child is ready to for pierced ears, we can help. Our skilled and experienced pediatric staff perform ear piercings safely and effectively using the best equipment and materials. For pediatrician ear piercing in Gilbert, AZ, schedule an appointment with Dr. Novy by calling Children's Oasis Pediatrics at (480) 792-1012.

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